Ho'oponopono for the World

Ho’oponopono for the world

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian tradition used to mediate, resolve and integrate conflicts between one’s self and others. 

 In the true tradition, a Kahuna or elder Kupuna would be asked to mediate a situation between two or more members of their immediate Ohana, or family, or even with the greater Ohana of that community.  The Kahuna were asked to mediate because as “keepers of the sacred knowledge”, they had the higher knowledge of God and the universe. Their ability to keep a neutral viewpoint toward the participant was essential and more importantly they fully understood the makeup of the three self aspects of consciousness, and could feel and experience for themselves which particular aspect of self they were communicating with.  They would know which self was causing the disturbance well before the individual would recognize it for themselves.  In a sense, they were the Hawaiian cultural version of the family psychologist.

In my view they had a greater degree of success because they intimately understood, not just the underlying patterns of behavior but, they knew which particular self or aspect of consciousness was creating those behaviors.  With this knowledge they would connect and communicate with that aspect of consciousness that is creating the disharmony and division between the individuals. 

The kahuna knew that the basic premise of the disharmony and conflict between the self and others is the disconnection between one’s own three selves.

If they can return the individual to a state of harmony within these three aspects or selves of the individual—to make things right with self then, harmony could be simply achieved with others.


So the first primary intention of Ho'oponopono is to make things right with one’s self which means, to connect and align the three aspects of consciousness—physical low-self, Ego mid-self and Spirit High-Self or collectively the three selves.  From this principle, the Kahuna would not just communicate with the self that was creating the conflict, disconnection and disharmony but, empower the individual to make that connection and communication for themselves.  They knew that with  Ho'oponopono, any change in viewpoint or understanding would be temporary without ownership of the three selves involved. Without this ownership, change would be as transient and fluctuating as the weather patterns of the island environment they existed in.  Ownership of one's intentions and reactions toward another is the only way to bring one's self in alignment and integrity with one's higher intention for the experience one is having.  When we are in conflict with another, we have denied that very same conflict within ourselves.  This mechanism to recognize our inner conflict by the outer one we are experiencing with others makes it easy to identify these conflicts … if we choose to look.Taking ownership of these conflicts is quite often, not so easy though. 

To own one's reality, one must be able to move from the participant in the experience, to the experiencer of the experience. 

The participant would be the low and mid self aspects of our consciousness, with all their survival intentions, identities of victim, defender, attacker, etc. and emotions and judgments of the events and the other person. The experiencer would be the High-Self or the Spirit aspect of your consciousness.  It is the silent non-nonjudgmental self that is not attached to the outcome of the conflict but interested more in what it can learn from the experience.  It's the Explorer of the experience and the seeker for the wisdom you can gain from the experience. It has no concern for the emotions and identities that are creating the experiences and is focused on the jewel behind the veil of these humanistic qualities that create our experiences.

So to own, is to feel and experience whatever the experience is, with an intention to learn from the experiences.  This is the power behind Ho'oponopono.  This Ho'oponopono power—to create real and permanent change in one's life, comes from the intention of the individual having the conflict, to take ownership of their reality—their conflict—first.  In the original Hawaiian culture, the participant of the conflict would instigate Ho'oponopono with the intention to become the experiencer. They would intend to create harmony once more between all three selves, all aspects of their own consciousness and then to make things right with others.  Although the conflict may have been with the other, it was understood that it was never really about the other.  Even the kahuna with all their amazing abilities and knowledge to heal broken bones and major health issues, can't achieve what the power of Ho'oponopono achieves for the individual. 

The act of Ho'oponopono heals one's soul by entering into Ho'oponopono with the intention to own one's experiences.

Although physical healing can and does quite often take place, it is not just a physical healing but rather a Soul Healing that is achieved when one takes responsibility for their realities and situations. To own  ones life situations one must deliberately put their attention on one’s self.

I feel we in the Western world have been misled to believe that attention on ourselves is selfish and wrong.  Absorption in one’s self as an exclusion of all others will ultimately separate us from others and the world. Although this is true, putting attention on one's self to take responsibility and ownership of what we create and the effect on others—frees us from being self-absorbed and moves us into being self aware.  With self-awareness we can know exactly what our intentions are in any present moment of any situation to easily take responsibility for what we are doing to ourselves and—particularly others.
 Ho'oponopono deliberately directs attention to oneself to take ownership and responsibility for one's life and all that we create in it. This will always include the effect we have on others around us. This level of responsibility actually connects us much more deeply to each other as it opens up our intuitive connection via our Spirit or collective consciousness.
 There have been many times throughout my life that this lesson of self ownership has shown up for me to integrate.  From my resistance to learn these lessons, I have created hardship, suffering and pain to myself and those around me. 

When I have surrendered my self-absorbed resistance to these lessons and become more self-aware, the results are painless, joyous and empowering—for all.

I had often shared with my daughters when they were younger that taking ownership of what I create requires courage, discipline and can be difficult to do. Once done, the feeling and energy of this level of ownership is one of the best feelings you will ever experience. 
I remember one particular day my youngest daughter and I both learned this lesson.  I was single-parenting my three teenage daughters as a result of my 18 year marriage breaking up.  At the time of the breakup, my daughter’s ages were 12, 13 and 16.  At that time I did not know or had learnt about Ho'oponopono but, my intuitive guidance was somehow accessing this ancient knowledge.  Our family discussions between my three daughters and me were always directed toward sharing our viewpoints and aligning with solutions.  My youngest daughter was hardest hit by the marriage breakup. Half truths, deceptions and pretending became her strategy to gain attention and get away with those family teenage misdemeanors that I’m sure we ALL know so well.

She was just short of 15 when our lesson together took a Quantum leap in integration.  This one particular day, she took some money from my wallet.  We had had the conversation of ownership before and the associated joy connected with it. Although we had many of these discussions previously, my youngest daughter’s resistance to this lesson seemed to be the hardest of the three girls to release. It had worked well for her through the tug-of-war of right and wrong, yes and no that my ex-wife and I would continually create in those end-days of marriage breakup. If I said no to my daughters request, she knew with a twist of the facts and a little lie slid in there she could go to her mother and get a yes and be on her way—especially if she told her mother that I had already said no. Now however, she only had me to contend with so the rules of war had changed and now—ownership was inevitable.

As I worked all day and my daughters would have to come home from high school by themselves, it wasn't until the evening that I could talk to my daughter about the money situation.  My mid-self Ego mind had plenty of time throughout the day to build up an overwhelming argument for my daughter’s prosecution of her intentions for taking the money. I also had plenty of time to devise a punishment system for her that I believed would hopefully break her potentially life threatening patterns I perceived she had running.  Of course my daughter had considered she had got away with the deception scot-free once more, as no doubt most teenagers do. As no doubt most of us have all done at some time.

On arriving home from work that day, just as I was entering I was greeted by my youngest daughter and her friend about to leave the house. No doubt the plan was to escape before the executioner got home.  Her super sweet, loving daughter identity was beaming from ear to ear with her butter couldn’t melt in her mouth smile as she greeted me.  My executioner identity was also beaming ear to ear, ready for the show down.  My Ego’s control identity could feel my pleasure rising as she squirmed, trying to avoid ownership of my accusations.  A 5 minute volley of reasons, excuses and cover up’s prevailed.
Seemingly, she seemed to know where I was heading and what was going to happen to her but, just when I was about to lay down the verdict and pass sentence, she shot my argument down square between my eyes.  With a big breath and looking me straight in the eyes, she confessed, "yes dad, I took it and I'm sorry".

She got me.  I had nowhere to go, no more argument to present, no more viewpoint to debate.  As I was about to continue my barrage of prosecutions, a voice from deep within my soul cried out from the background of my thoughts saying, "telling the truth can be the best feeling you can ever have."  In this present moment of ownership, I had to acknowledge to her and myself, of the joyful power of truth and ownership.

The strangest thing happened in that moment.  All the charge, defense and resistance I had mustered to reconcile the situation just dissolved in that flash of recognizing her honesty. My daughter had dissipated her need to defend herself and amazingly, I had no need to pursue trying to get her to own her lies and deception. Almost instantly, the energy between us became very neutral and actually so much more loving and compassionate. We both just got to this place of “Oh Well … good then” and joked and laughed a  bit as she was about to leave once more with her friend. A suitable punishment, although far less than the one I had contrived of earlier, was handed down. My rigid executioner identity had been replaced with a compassionate, empowering identity. Her acceptance of this punishment even had a feel of gratitude for the compassionate sentencing she experienced. I think her friend was a little shell shocked from the whole exchange between us, for she said nothing with a kind off spacey blank look on her pace as they walked of.

This is really a great example of the power of the first aspect of Ho’oponopono—the power of making things right with oneself—me with my self—you with yourself. My daughter had made things right with herself by confessing and taking ownership for what she had done.  She allowed herself to feel the consequences of her actions and actually realized the affect it had on not just me but our relationship together. The energy she was putting into resisting, pretending and trying to cover up her actions was freed up by taking ownership of them. They were no longer trapped in creating these experiences over and over again along with all the associated dramatic resistances. 

The experience we all have of lightness and happiness after expressing ownership comes from this energy retuning back to us. By taking ownership she stopped projecting into me the energy of attacker allowing me to experience exactly what I was creating also. 

My goal, or the experience I intended, was to have her take ownership and admit that she had taken the money. When she took ownership, she helped me complete the experience I intended—which was for her to own her actions. Once this experience had been completed and experienced it had no purpose anymore, so the energy and charge that I was putting out to create it returned to its source—which is me. From her ownership I was able to appreciate her honesty, which then opened up a more connected communication between us.  Her self-esteem also increased with her ownership and acknowledgment of the experience she had created.  The strength and courage that she gained allowed her to explore more deeply the true feelings and intentions behind her actions.

So the first part of Ho’oponopono is to make things right with ones Self or rather, to no longer have to hide, pretend, cover up or resist. ALL of these things dissolve and dissipate when one takes ownership of ones own experiences.

Part 2 of Ho'oponopono is making things right with others.  This is the aspect of Ho'oponopono that can truly change the world.  This aspect is the aspect that creates a sharing of compassion, power and love between Self and others.  By completing part one of Ho'oponopono one now has enough free attention to be present with others.  From the original purpose of Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian culture would enter the second part with the intention to make things right with and for the other.  To do this they would have to give up the need for self gain and do whatever it takes to give any gains achieved by the other, to the other—with no need for self gain, payment or restitution.  Their prayers and intentions were directed toward the other to empower them with strength and courage to take ownership of their life.  From the act of ownership in the first part and because they're space was now clear and their attention is now free, they could hold a safe and loving space for the other to explore their own reality. They had stopped projecting into the others space that something was wrong which allowed the other to stop needing to defend, protest, pretend and resist.

So how do we do that? How do we hold a safe space for someone else?

Not so long ago now, research was carried out on the healing effects of prayers given for healing at a place called Lourdes in France.  Lourdes is considered a sacred and holy site that one’s prayers for healing can be answered by God.

Lourdes is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Midi-Pyrénées region in south-western France. Lourdes is also a small market town lying in the foothills of the Pyrenees, famous for the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes that are reported to have occurred in 1858 to Bernadette Soubirous. Following the reports that Our Lady of Lourdes had appeared to Bernadette Soubirous on several occasions, Lourdes has developed into a major place of Christian pilgrimage and of alleged miraculous healings. The 150th Jubilee of the first apparition took place on 11 February 2008 with an outdoor mass attended by approx 45,000 pilgrims. The prayers of healing are directed to or through Our Lady of Lourdes and by the Grace of God a huge percentage of these prayers were successful.

The question that stimulated the research was, "what was the determining factor that created healing for some and not for others?"  It was found that when prayers were given with the intention for the healing of self, then approximately 20% of those prayers were successful.  When prayers were given with the intention for someone else, then approximately 90% of those prayers were successful.  What this shows is that when we pray or intend healing or benefits for someone else, then it seems a higher power becomes involved and the chance of success rises dramatically. I guess we could say that God gets more involved when our intention is directed toward the good of others.

From the Hawaiian culture viewpoint this higher power is the source of all creation—the Akua.  This higher power is the source of all creation, what I would describe as the space that connects and creates everything.  It is the Life Force, the Qi and Creative Intelligence of existence itself.  This is the God space.
The power of this God Space is accessed and channeled through our intention with Love to ease, reduce or even heal another person’s pain, suffering and inflictions.

For the original Hawaiian people, the power of Ho'oponopono is completed with the intention to make things right with and for the other person, without any need for self gain, approval or compensation.  The effects of this intention were profound. It is the same affect that the prayers of Lourdes has and their resultant healings.

I was privileged to experience these benefits recently through a day of research into the live blood cells of our physical body and the affects of projecting thoughts, feelings and beliefs into those cells.  Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research in his book, “The Biology of Belief” is of a similar nature. From my knowledge of Lourdes, my intention for the research was to show dramatically the different affects we create from our intentions for self gain as apposed to our intentions for the gain of others.

Throughout the afternoon of this research, we would use various topics to stimulate responses to the blood cell structure in the body. Live blood tests of each participant were taken during each topic to get a clear picture of any affect on the cells that the experience from the topics being projected had. Although the test showed some shift in the structures between the different projections, when the intention was for us—personally—the results were minimal. What stood out was the fact that these minimal results were achieved by the intention coming from attention on myself, for myself. The shock and further confirmation of the Lourdes research came at the end of the day from a small group of 5 people.

We would each feel and experience the Love we each have for another person, and then direct that experience of Love to a person in another room. This other person had no knowledge of our intentions at all.

We had been taking this other person’s blood test throughout the day also and had found no change what so ever in her cells throughout the whole time. Her cells were clumped together and squashed in a trail like fashion. This structure is considered by most medical systems to be the onset of disease. These are the cell structure of a lot of elder and unhealthy. This particular person was elderly and has had some health challenges that I knew about as well, so this structure was no surprise to me. The real surprise was soon to be unveiled though.

For just three minutes, our little band of 5 would project Love into the space this other person occupied—her body, mind and Spirit space. To the astonishment of everyone involved, her cell structure completely changed. There was not one cell connected to another. Every cell compared to the previous tests results throughout the day, was twice its size. These cells now took on the form of a young athlete.  The affects were not only profound but instant—only 3 minutes. The video “The Real Power of Love” on our website is clear visual proof of these facts.
So this affect not only showed that when we project into another beings space with sufficient experiential power or charge, it will create change within the space of the other person. It also showed the powerful affect of having an intention for the good of the other without needing any gain or benefit for ones Self. When we had projected the same Love experience into ourselves, the results were FAR, FAR less effective—in fact for some of the participants there was no effect what so ever.

So our intention for the good of any another being, DOES have a profound affect.
This, I believe is the hidden key to unleashing our true potentials as a Spirit having this simple human experience. Taking ownership of these projections is what will inevitably move all of mankind into a higher plane of existence. This is the second part of Ho’oponopono that ancient Hawaiian’s lived by until the white Haoli intervention. This is the real power that comes from Ho’oponopono.

Even recently, there is still western interpretation and manipulation of these ancient Hawaiian principles to affect personal gain under the disguise as a natural Law of Attraction. To make sales from the false assertion that these practices are the original teachings is also becoming more and more common. Some people are professing to use of Ho’oponopono to improve ones life and attract the Life you would prefer to have, or a more abundant and successful life.

The simple fact that you are wanting to experience a “more abundant and successful life” testifies to probable resistance to the life you are already experiencing—or rather, trying not to experience. This is resistance. This also testifies that you may not have made things right with yourself and are not yet taking ownership of your life and what you create. Now don’t me wrong here—there is nothing wrong with growing and expanding in your life—that’s exactly what this work is all about. Doing this from resisting the life you’re having is a very different intention though.

There are courses being offered that are supposed to teach you how to use the power of Ho’oponopono to improve your life. For some, these work fine—for others, not so fine or even at all. From the research of the Lourdes healings we may get some insight into why this random result is happening. From this second viewpoint of Ho’oponopono you can see this may also be in total contrast to the real intention of the practice of Ho’oponopono, as was practiced by the Hawaiian originators of this most sacred intention for the good of others.

There is only one way to access the true power of Ho’oponopono and improve your life and that is … to make things right with yourself first by owning your actions and projections along with the affect you have on others. From this clear place and only this clear space … improve the lives of others by making things right with them. The real power you gain to improve your own life comes at the end of this process—not at the beginning of it. The power released by Ho’oponopono is the energy I have trapped in those aspects of my life that I am not right with … the ones that create conflict, disharmony and resistance within me and toward others. The very same ones that are constantly reflected back to me through the actions, thoughts and deeds of others that I resist seeing in me—as me.

The first amount of energy I gain from Ho’oponopono that increases my own is the very same energy that I have been expending creating conflict, disharmony and resistance. The second amount of energy I gain that increases my own is the energy of appreciation, gratitude and compassion that is directed and projected from the other person that I helped. Just as my projection affects the cellular structure and space of the other person—their projection of appreciation, gratitude and compassion affects my cells and space also.

So now we know what Ho’oponopono is, but what is Ho’oponopono for the world?


Ho’oponopono for the world is an intention that easily allows you to fully experience your life without resistance so that you can free up so much attention, that you have to help others just to use it up again.  OK, a little tongue in cheek but not completely impossible.

 For years now there have been so many seminars, online courses, correspondent courses, retreats etc., designed to teach us to release our past patterns to be able to integrate our lives. Unfortunately we have also been taught that integration means to face the pain, experience the anguish, dive into the swamp of my deep and dire sub-conscious to overpower my demons and subdue my treacherous Ego.

All of this is enough to make the strongest warrior tremble with fear, dropping to their knees into a shaking mass of plasma. The interesting thing about most of these systems is that they require you to be taught by someone or have a trained facilitator take you to that place of integration. Some times these facilitators or the system they operate within, are designed to have you dependant on them for the results. Although these systems can and do give great results, anything that has you dependant on it for you to be able to integrate your life, is actually dis-empowering you from being able to integrate your life—for yourself—by yourself. This is not true self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment is exactly that—self empowerment, and that would be self… empowering itself. For too long we have been lead into courses and training under the disguise of self-empowerment that actually have you subtly trapped in a defined system that gives you a defined result that leaves you in a defined state of oneness, completeness, satori or some kind of specific experience.  ALL systems are prone to manipulation and abuse when delivered or taught by the simple human. When we see the effects of the power of projection and intention on the space of another being, we can begin to understand how this effect can be amplified by a system that subtly dis-empowers you.

I have found some even state that they will not indoctrinate you with any beliefs or systems and yet they have countless processes, exercises, techniques and initiations for you to use to get to the expected results. Their inference here is that if you are not using or doing these techniques or processes you can not get the result. No variations of the specified exercise are acceptable and considered incomplete. Some will even inflict a spiritual guilt trip on you by inferences of a lack of reverence to the creator of the system or the perceived importance to the world of the system itself. By taking this on, the system has now become more important than the individual using it.

Others have you do special secret processes that you can only do within the organization or to or with each other that will supposedly gain an experience of oneness. My question is—how can you experience oneness which is being at one with all things—which means everything—when you feel special or have something that others don’t. Just by holding that viewpoint you separate yourself from the others which contradicts being at one with them.
Now of course we can get into all kinds of semantics of what the definition of oneness is but the experience of it is undeniably indescribable. Even the Enlightened Masters that have achieved this state avoid describing it but when pushed would described it as indescribable. Any real attempt to describe it by the spiritual salesmen selling you their course could be confirmation that one has not actually attained it.

The Enlightened Masters of past and present don’t try to sell you any system, technique or process. More likely, the sellers are describing a mental concept of what they may have been told or interpreted it to be like. Add to this the fact that we are a Soul having a human experience and the state of being human is intrinsically the state we need to transcend to achieve oneness—then how can a system created by the human aspect of our consciousness transcend being human?  Transcending being human can not be achieved by trying not to be human but ironically—by embracing and integrating being human with all its failings, faults, identities, judgments, beliefs and perceptions that create the infinite parameter of human experiences to learn from.

So even though these myriad of courses, exercises and techniques can give you insightful and amazing experiences, the one common denominator in all of them is—it’s your feeling or experience of YOUR consciousness that achieve the results. The deeper or more expansive your willingness and commitment is to feel and experience YOUR-SELF, the greater the insights and realizations. The irony of these systems and techniques is that they are professing to teach you “never before revealed techniques” and “the secret of” something that EVERY ONE OF US are already doing.

You are already feeling. You are already experiencing. You are already integrating. You are already aware. They are supposedly teaching you something you are already doing— by seducing your Ego they trap you into giving your power away. We are seduced with the subtle promise of being special and unique and being able to attain power, wealth and abundance. Generally this seduction is for all the experiences others tell you “you should have,” rather than experiencing the one that you may actually be having now—or trying not to have.   

To understand the makeup of your consciousness is to know the three self aspects that make up your human experience and how they operate and interact together. With this simple understanding, you will experientially know the joy of this journey called life and will no longer live in the discouragement of striving for an unattainable destination.

To experientially know these three aspects of your-self intimately, is to intimately know all other human beings—for we are all the same … just different. Our beliefs, judgments and definitions of ourselves and others are what makes us different but, the structure of our consciousness remains the same.
The Collective Consciousness on the planet is exactly that … a collection of consciousness—each and every one of us. This collective is the domain of the Spirit High-Self and is the aspect that we feel our connection to others on the planet through. When we let down our low and mid-self humanistic guards of reason, rationality and survival and allow ourselves to feel, we will feel a connection to not just others but to everything on this glorious emerald green, third rock from the sun.

The miraculous healings and treatments of the Kahuna of Hawaiian Huna Healing are made possible through the intimate knowledge and use of these same three self aspects. It was not possible to heal a physical low-self condition by addressing the physical aspect alone. The cause of the lack of Life force in the Ego Mind mid-self aspect must be addressed also for the individual to direct the low-self to complete the healing. Just knowing which self can heal the other and which can’t, will empower the profound ability we all have to be the creator of our reality and our personal healing on all levels of consciousness. Anything short of this would result in a temporary fix or even no fix at all.

So how can we intimately know these three aspects of our consciousness? Is it possible to learn about these aspects from a teacher or through some system? There is no doubt that we can learn about consciousness from enlightened teachers, for that has been happening since the beginning of our human experience here on Mother Earth. These beings lead the way for us all. At the end of the day though, these teachers can only lead the way by example because it is not possible for them to transfer the experience to you. You may be able to glimpse the experience but to live it as they do is another story.
These aspects are aspects of your consciousness and it is your experience of them that allows you to INTIMATELY KNOW them for your self. No interpretations, no definitions, no descriptions. It is your experience of them, how they feel to you, what they create both individually and collectively. You can only know their attributes and intentions from feeling and experiencing them for yourself. Although our individual consciousness is all made up of these same three aspects, the makeup of our individual aspects will be different for each of us.

For example: the belief structure of the Ego mid-self will vary dramatically from the one that was born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the belief structure of the drug addicts Ego. The physical self’s structure of an athlete will be very different to that of a CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation. Although they may be different, the common factor is they, and everyone else on the planet …feels. The only way to experience the three aspects of YOUR consciousness—your three selves—is to feel them.

Now a lot of you are probably now scratching your heads and asking yourself, “how do you feel your mind?” Well firstly, don’t get mixed up between feeling and feelings, they are two totally different things. Feelings are what the Ego mid-self mind creates to manifest various experiences. Feeling is what the Spirit High-Self does to experience what the Ego mind creates. In its simplest form feeling, or experiencing, is sensing or being aware of ALL the sensations being created and manifested in your reality in any given moment. Notice the sensations you get when you walk into a room. Notice what you feel like when you go to the beach or the forest—that indescribable feeling you have of being in awe at the experience. This would be feeling and is what experiencing is. No descriptions, no definitions and no judgments, just plain feeling anything and everything … in that moment.

Now that you have an insight into what tool to use, we just need a blueprint or plan to go by to build the bridge to your consciousness with this new tool you have to work with. As I said before, there are many, many systems out there now that all promise the Holy Grail of self development or enlightenment. Some deliver the ability to create great change in your life but don’t seem to work for everybody or create the same results. Some systems are simply just for a select few. Any system that has you think about, rationalize, extrapolate or postulate will ultimately give you a result that is only within the domain of the mind and consequently misses either the physical or Spirit aspect or both.

The Simple Human Experience exercises are exactly that—simply experiencing. They are guidelines for you to use and they are determined by your experience of your consciousness, not by the exercises themselves. There is a written document for the Ego mind to participate with and an audio recording for the Physical self to connect with so that both selves will relax and align with the Spirit High-Self’s ability to experience. The first section of the “Three Self Alignment” mini-course will drop you straight into feeling without resistance so that you can experience for yourself—each of your three unique aspects of consciousness.

To explore further go to www.simplehumanexperience.comand enter into the members area for more information or go directly into the store for the “3 Self Alignment” mini-course.